Fun Fishing Game for Kids

Happy New Year! This year I had so much fun making games and toys for my niece and nephew. If you have a little one in your life, I highly recommend creating something for him or her. It might bomb, but it might be awesome and a great memorable gift.

For my nephew I decided to go for a fishing game! All you need are some kids socks, magnets, a washer, cotton balls or squares, some kind of twine/yarn/ribbon, a dowel rod, and some paint!

fish one

Here’s the rundown for the fish:

1. Paint eyes and a mouth on a little kids sock with fabric paint.

2. After the paint is dry, stuff the sock with cotton balls or squares.

3. Wrap a magnet in a cotton square and shove into the tip of the sock. (Wrapping it makes it easier for the fish to be released from the “hook” during the game)

4. Use a sturdy string/yarn to tie the sock closed. You want to make sure it is really tied well so the kids can’t get to the magnet.

5. I covered the string with ribbon to make it look prettier. (Optional)

PicMonkey Collage fishh

For the Rod:

1. Cut a dowel rod to about 2 ft long and drill a hole through the top end to put string through (or have your husband or dad help with this!)

2. Paint the rod with spray paint, acrylic paint, or whatever you have on hand. I decorated it with fabric paint and that stuck.

3. String a 18 inch (approximately) thread (sturdy string) through the hole and tie securely onto the rod.

5. Tie a washer on the opposite end of the thread.

fish 6 dowel

Giving this gift was a blast. My nephew was able to catch a fish, which was super adorable, and then proceeded to go “fly fishing,” whipping the rod around. We all ran for our lives as the washer and thread flew through the air! I think this gift might have been a few months premature, but I think he’ll have fun with it in a few months.

fishies!I hope this inspires you to venture into the world of crafting! Remember to watch the kids when they play with this- adult supervision is a good idea 😉

Until next time,